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Like the bathrobe style, not the color.  



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I like the colors, but not the bathrobe style - especially with the black combat boots!


In a shorter style (hip level), I'd love it.

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Like the color combo. 

I would like it in an above the knee length, no fringe and no belt.

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It looks very modern grunge...trending but not my style.

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It's too bathrobe-ish for me.  Colors are nice though.

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There’s a minor trend where the “wrong” side of a stockinette stitch is used as “right” side of garment. Really, really, really dislike it!

Lose the fringe and belt, turn inside out, and shorten about six inches and it would be something I’d wear.
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Re: Desert Sunrise Cardigan

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You know...I kind of like it and think it’s styled well.  I am partial to FP


took another look and decided it’s a thumbs up for Sat am coffee and being out and about.  

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Pretty but unwearable at that length

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yay. Without the belt.

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Oh, dear.