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I just purchased this jacket. I love the design of this.. I plan on wearing it with a longer top.. I have quite of few of Loris sleeveless tops in colors. It will look good I think.. How would you style this jacket? I would like to hear what you would all do.

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Re: Dennis Basso Jacket A311282

I thought that was really striking!

I would wear it closed and I also thought this maybe strange but I would wear it also with a turtleneck or mock turtleneck so it doesn't take away from the lines of the jacket and  then saw Deana(sp?) wearing it just that way with a dark turtleneck! 

 In keeping with that thought, I would wear a dark color, not the white or lighter color that the host or others were wearing.

It's got such pretty lines, I wouldn't want anything to take away from that and having the same dark color and lines really show the jacket not clutter it up with other styles.

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