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Dennis Basso Coats - Suggestion

I love Dennis Basso coats but wish he would create a faux fur coat that was machine washable. The dry clean bill is simply too expensive. I have a few of his throw blankets and they wash beautifully so would love to see that material transition to a coat. I really only try to buy machine wash coats -- I don't wash them often but if they get dirty, I like the option rather than spending $40 to clean (NYC prices).  Just a thought. 

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Re: Dennis Basso Coats - Suggestion

That would be one heavy coat to dry.

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Re: Dennis Basso Coats - Suggestion

Dennis does have a few washable coats,vests, and jackets.  Those are the only ones that I purchased. I really like white and ivory so it needs to be washable.  I purchased his washable suede trench coat and it's lovely. I check his inventory when I have a few minutes because there's more there than ever gets on air. There was a washable coat on clearnace last week. Not sure if it's still in stock. I agree with you that dry cleaning is just to crazy $$$.

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Re: Dennis Basso Coats - Suggestion

A 50925 was not too heavy to wash and was the perfect coat. No longer available though.

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Re: Dennis Basso Coats - Suggestion

Hoping he reads these: I would like mid- hip length vest. I notice Andriene Landeau faux fur on NM site but prices are way more than Dennis.