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@dusty1 wrote:

@Caaareful Shopper  Exactly WHY I buy D&C. I dress like a mortician. I mainly wear black all of the time.

I have tried buying color, prints or stripes & I feel so ridiculous when I wear them. 

So if I see something cute in D&C I check to see if it comes in black. 

OMG - that's me! I too wear black all the time. If I buy a new item, its in black. My husband asks me if I was related to Johnny Cash!

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I check out Denim and Co. because I do not want something stylish to wear in my every day at-home life.


I want something comfy and very ordinary--some pants and a top that are comfortable, basic and will last well and believe me that is very hard to come by in today's world.


There are tons of "stylish" garmets out there, but little in the basic category.  And next year there's bound to be more because last year's are out of style


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@bewise wrote:

Today every time I turned denim/co on they were on.I think more than 8hrs today.I use to love watching an buying not much anymore.High prices an nothing new in style to top it off with being stuck in the home why buy.No where to go!



They were on a lot yesterday because they had the TSV. Standard procedure for every TSV brand. 


I watch D & Co shows more than any other brand. Their classic items fit my style. I also like Carolyn & Gary together. I agree that their prices are higher than in the past which is why I don’t buy as much from the brand as I used to. 

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Back in the late 80s and 90s, a good part of my casual wardrobe was D&C.  The styles were classic.  My all time favorite piece was a plain, long sleeve, slight scoop neck, French terry tunic.  When it was first presented, there was white and a pale yellow.  Over the years they added colors and changed the fabric a bit. (added stretch)  The fit and feel was different. None compared to the original white.


There were also cute jumpers and plain shirt dresses.


I cannot remember the last time I ordered D&C.

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@Delilah2 wrote:

I know everyone loves Gary and his design team - but I haven't cared for Denim & Co. for a long time. The designs are just not contemporary enough, nor stylish enough, plus the quality has gone downhill...... I used to love Denim & Co. as well as Dialogue back in the day, but not now. I didn't watch one show yesterday.

To me, the D&Co designs are more contemporary and stylish now than they were years ago -- they usually follow the current trends, but "in a Denim & Co way." I would never have described D&Co as contemporary or particularly stylish (depending on how one uses the term, I guess) back in the day.

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@LindaSal wrote:

You know I have read many times that things will be "much more expensive" if made in the USA.  I tend not to believe that.  In my case, I don't mind paying a few extra bucks for something of better quality and supporting my fellow Americans.  If it's supposedly so much "cheaper" to have items made in China then why are the prices marked up so much???  It's made cheaper but yet we are charged a much higher mark up!  JMHO.

@LindaSal I wouldn't mind adjusting my spending to buy Made in America.  I may have less pairs of jeans, or shoes or handbags but I don't need all I have now.  We will always have imported clothing like the beautiful silks from India but they are clearly marked as are Irish products etc.  Just be upfront, not just "imported"

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I avoid D&C fashions due to the crazy sizing. I am 5'6 and usually wear a medium or size 8 or 10 and when I order those sizes in this brand, everything fits like a tent. I end up sending it back! So I quit ordering this brand for that reason. Last year I did order the beach pants in a petite small and they fit OK.  But I am not a small petite person. Go figure. 

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I like this brand for basic, casual clothes.  I’m not fond of the high prices though so I avoid purchasing cause I know I can get a better deal from Macy’s or Lands End.  I don’t know what possessed qvc to charge so much for a basic top.  Seems like I’m not alone.

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I like to check out "as is" items.  I have ordered at least 5-10 items over the years and have ALWAYS had good luck.  Nothing ever looked "used".  Saves alot of $$.  I just got an Isaac longer cardigan for $19.99!!

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Has anyone else noticed the new styles of D&C clothes lately? They used to have such cute modern tops, which I have a lot of. But, now the styles are so ugly with no shape and boring colors..who wears embroidery anymore?? , seems they are stuck on that style and the prints are not very flattering on anybody. They need new colors also! Where were all the spring and summer clothes in D&C too? Did not see many short sleeve tops, why are they pushing the long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves for spring and summer? I really miss the D&C brand. I really loved the guality and colors never faded,  they last forever! But, sorry to say I haven't been impressed lately! I have a top I've been waiting on which I ordered 2 colors and only one color came weeks ago the other color I'm still waiting on! Over 2 months now. They say it's on the way and I cannot cancel the order ! 😩 JMO