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Today every time I turned denim/co on they were on.I think more than 8hrs today.I use to love watching an buying not much anymore.High prices an nothing new in style to top it off with being stuck in the home why buy.No where to go!


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All excellent points.  Not much tempting me this year.  I don't even watch much anymore as it's all old stuff from last year with one "new" color.

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I've watched it a lot today. Being in south Florida, this is the time I need to shop to add to my year round wardrobe. There are a few pieces I would like to get, but am turned off by the high prices. 

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I loved watching Denim and Co in years past, I would say 75% of my wardrobe is D&C.  I love the new fashions Gary shows, but I feel the prices are a bit much.  For the past couple years, with a few exceptions, I wait and continue checking to see if the prices are reduced.  With all that said, I still believe you get much better quality for your $$.  


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@petitelady7  I agree about the quality. I have a lot of D&C in my wardrobe & I have never worn anything out. 

But, I also agree that the prices have gone up too much for me to click buy on things that catch my eye.

I didn't used to hesitate, when tops were around the $20 price range. Which I feel is reasonable for a basic top. 

Now have to see something special to spend $40 plus the Shipping both ways, if it doesn't work out for some reason.

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If they stop getting most items from China the prices will only get much higher.  Most people I know plan to boycott "made in China" products.  Bett5er buy what you need now.

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I have been seeing a few cute things that I like lately but because I recently retired I don't have the need for that type of clothing. I love it when Carollyn  and Gary do a show, especially being closed in, their interaction with each other is great and the shows are enjoyable

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I feel the same way when they have on LOGO, Susan Graver, Isaac, Barefoot Dreams, AnyBody, Vince Camuto, Vionic, Dooney & Burke. I don't watch these shows because ALL are over priced IMHO. Denim & Co's prices are also getting higher. I am VERY selective with my purchases any more & I expect 1st quality when I receive an item otherwise it gets marked defective & sent back. Nor will I order an item from online if I can't view the video which often seems so be a problem. Plus I don't care for many of the newer hosts who don't seem to be too interested in giving the facts/details of the items like the older hosts do. All in all I do very little shopping at QVC.

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@Kachina624 wrote:

All excellent points.  Not much tempting me this year.  I don't even watch much anymore as it's all old stuff from last year with one "new" color.

They introduced an entirely new line today, and I have seen lots of other “New” items this spring ...

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Isnt it nice there is something for everyone?

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