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for several years, Denim and Co has offered pedal pushers - item # A89432

I have several of their colors and would like to purchase additional pairs.


Are they offering this style any longer? If not, they should bring it back as  I believe that it was a very popular style and they sold many. The current styles that they offer are similar but do not have the flat front waist band and that is a preferred style for me rather than the all around elastic that many of them have now.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Not sure if it's what you're looking for but there's a post on the TSV page that has the item number for D&C TSV May 29th
They're similar to pedal pushers but below the knee!
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I saw some that are 90 cotton/ 10 percent stretch--which I have no interest in-- AND they have a seam down the front!  Another thing I don't want.


Very disappointed.

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Search for "skimmers" too as this is a newer fashion term for pedal pushers. They are the same length, just below the knee. I like this length too as I have long legs and it gives me a nice proportion. Cool too in hot weather. 

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Re: Denim & Co.

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@Marli Girl 

Amazon has some great pedal pushers for around $20 in the hybrid line. I buy the button/zipper fly but I believe they have some pull ons too


Here's the pull on version



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Re: Denim & Co.

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@Andreatoo - Thank you for this. I really like the capri version and will definitely look them up on Amazon.


One thing that bothers "me" are the baggy legs with most capris, or the bottom flares out from your legs - just not a "look" that looks good on me. Everyone has their own preference, but I prefer a more fitted look.


I never think to go to Amazon for clothing, but will give them a try. I also like the "Lola" jeans you discovered on Q. It's already beyond "jeans season" here, but they would be great for this fall/winter; thanks for sharing. 👍

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I buy the capri version too. They come in junior sizes i.e. 1, 3, 5, 7 etc.. I wear a 2 in misses. so I chose the 3 in Junior