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@chessylady wrote:

@Spurt I totally agree, you stated my views better than I could. Now let's talk about clunky and orthopedic shoe styles.



Yep, I agree about the clunky orthopedic shoe styles, some shoes remind me of the shoes my great aunt wore when she worked in a factory and was on her feet all day....

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I am sick and tired of hearing people bash a clothing line and the people who wear them just because they personally don't care for it. I'd love to see what some of these so-called fashion experts look like. I'll bet they don't own mirrors.


It  might be interesting to see what YOU look like in a mirror. And if you're sick and tired of the comments, why do you read them?


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I don't think that Denim & Co. is a frumpy fashion brand. The brand has a variety of styles. I pick and choose what is my style and colors from the line. Just pick what you like and others will do the same.

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I have stopped buying Denim & Co.  I know I'm going to get a lot of snotty comments about there are other choices. Heart I know there are other choices.  But Denim & Co. has gone down hill as far as designs and variety.  Gary has no clue what women like.

Even Carolyn who is basically the D&Co rep looks like a sausage in some of the D&CO knits. Stop with the polyester and spandex. I used to love the 100% cotton essentials.

No more, all a poly/spandex mess.

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Very disappointed in the shows.  Sorry but too many stripes & florals.  Bad selection of colors.

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I wish they would do fewer tunic tops. Tunic length just makes me look fatter and shorter. Enough tunic already.

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I picked up of some of their original waist pants this morning.  I usually only wear the dark indigo denim, but today I bought two of the twill - one in the chestnut brown and one in the wine.  Two pairs for just a bit more than I paid for one at regular price.


Really not a fan of most other D&Co. merchandise. 

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I just looked at Items Recently On Air Denim and Co.


Lots of nice choices, some brand new.

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100% agreed....  Most items are not cute anymore. Patterns and styles seem very dated. I love the idea of easy casual dressing, especially these days, but frumpy is not a good look on anyone, regardless of age or size!