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I got plenty today and I"m happy. Once Christmas in July got out I started finding my credit card again. LOL

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@Tenners wrote: I know what old lady camoflage pants look like.  A292979.  I'm an older gal and I wouldn't touch these with a ten foot pole.  Stop with the clothes in big splashy flower prints already.  They're bad enough in bright colors, but really awful in the washed out drab colors.  

They're not for me, but I didn't see anything particularly "wrong" with them -- they're a slim, active style, and florals are popular right now (believe it or not). I also don't think the color choices make them worse than they would be in bright colors -- in fact, I prefer them. (P.S. -- if you would like actual camo pants, D&Co has those too! Smiley Happy)