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I never put nothing in the dryer. I wear the 'L' bit baggy in the leg, so, I put in for like 10 min to get them to conform to my funny shape. LOL


I'd rather have them a little big, then, have them to tight at the waist.


Lot of times with clothes, any clothes I buy I get something then know I will have to bring home and change them to where they will fit me either thru washing in hot water and putting in dryer or wash in warm water then put in dryer with fabric softener just long enough to get them damp dry and softened up then hang to dry completely.


I got 35 denim jackets and I wash them in cold water, hang to dry , then, when dry , throw in dryer on the 'no heat' cycle with couple of fabric softeners that limbers them up (LOL) softens them up. Like 10 min.


all my jackets are from Denim and Co. their size 'L' fits my busty chest great and have spandex , so, I can move easily.

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thank you. this is good advice.

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i took a chance and dried both pair because they did stretch out a bit after i wore them. they turned out perfectly! no shrinkage at all. LOVE them!

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I hope to the heavens that I have connected with someone in power at the "Denim & Co"... line of clothing for QVC.  I so enjoy your brand of clothing and that is why I am sending this message.


Two years ago I purchased four pair of shorts that were 8" long  contained spandex, and were the best bermuda shorts I had ever worn.  The following year, I went back for more colors.  They were GONE.  I don't want this to happen again.  I m a very GOOD CUSTOMER and these shorts are quality just like all your products are high quality 


I am writing to you now because I do not want to miss out on these shorts once more.


Please email me when they become available this year 2018 or phone me and leave me a message  PLEASE''''




........thank you ...QVC