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The original meaning of petite was "small".  But no longer.  The way curvy went from a tiny waist with big hips to big all over with layers.  Words are reclaimed. Mostly by the groups dissatisfied by anything negative.  


I'm 5'3" and small (108 lbs) all over.  The traditional size of petite.  But now you are only under a certain height and can weigh over 300 lbs. And you're still petite. 


I don't know. In a bizarre way The model Katia is petite.  She is 5'10", but breast, waist and hips are very, very small. They're my measurement despite the huge difference in height.  Even the word petite is nicer then saying you're very short.  Short means limited. Not petite.

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Re: Definition of petite

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I think the issue for this thread is that the fashion term "petite" is not necessarily the same as the definition of the adjective "petite."


Adding:  I also think more often than not, when selling pants and trousers, the Q refers to the sizing as petite when they really should be using the word "short."  As someone above mentioned, QF does this and actually explains it to the viewer.  But I also think other Q house brands do the same thing.  Face it, the Q caters to those who wear larger sizes, and most of their clothing in any size actually, is cut rather full.

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Yes,  I'm 5'3" and I need petitie length only but regular in everything else.  I have found at least for me that when I purchase any pants from all the clothing lines except for Quaker Factory, I have to go up a size to get the right fit. I think even if I purchase Petities at retail I usually have to go up a size to make it work.  My legs are just short but I need regular everywhere else.  

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Re: Definition of petite

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Many years ago, many clothing stores like Penney's used to routinely stock pants/slacks lengths in  A=average, S=short and T=tall.  If I remember correctly, I think there was also an area just for petite clothing.  

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Well I'm the odd man out. I'm 5'8", size small. When I'm looking to buy a top I shop in the petites because I don't want my tops long. I like iit hitting right at my hips. Woman Happy

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When I worked (back in the late 60's and very early 70's) I used to make a lot of my clothes.


It wasn't hard because back then Jackie Kennedy and the sheeth dress was all the rage.


I had one basic pattern and would do various things with it.  Same thing for slacks.


Then after my husband died, I discovered QVC.


Once you figure out if you are long-wasted or short-wasted you've got it made.


There's nothing to taking up a pair of pants.  My advice if you find pants in your size and they aren't petite, just get the regular size and hem them.


I'm amazed at the number of people who don't (or won't) take a few minutes to hem a pair of pants.  


Again, I think it just depends on if you are long-wasted or short wasted.  It's all about where the crotch comes to you.  I learned that when I first started making my slacks.


Back in the year when Jesus walked the earth (when some of us were born) that are in our 70's...well, if I remember here...(I must be careful) I don't know how it is now...but hummmm....there are some who like to argue...anyway, I'd better go before............


Oh! Hello!  @ECBG you sweet girl.  Thanks for the very nice text message.  You are so cute and sweet.  You can probably help these people out here.  ECBG knows a lot about clothes and the fit.  

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Under 5'3"

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When buying clothing petite refers to height, inseam, rise and sleeve length (other adjusts to a pattern too).


Nothing to do with weight.

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I'm 5'3" if I buy regular size clothes the lengths in tops are too long. Pants are too long plus the rise hangs down which I cannot deal with. Some Petite pants are too short. I don't wear highwaters but I don't want them dragging the ground.

I want my tops hip length not thigh length or longer. I don't need my tops covering my butt. You always have to pull them up to sit down?

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@Mom2Dogs wrote:

I am 5'5 (which I know is not petite) but I sometimes prefer the front rise in a petite pant, but then the length is to short...I have a heck of a time buying pants.


I'm your exact opposite.  I'm only 5'2" tall, but can't wear petite pants because I need a longer rise.  So I have to buy regular pants to get the longer rise and hem every. single. pair.

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