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Re: Deeming product reviews unhelpful

I don't know how us judging the posted reviews serves the Q?? What are they doing with the information? Will they ban unpopular reviewers??

Wouldn't asking if their (the Q's) descriptions and/or presentations are helpful to the customer make alot more sense?!


Hey Q! What really isn't helpful is allowing those that didn't even purchase the item to review it!!

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Re: Deeming product reviews unhelpful

@Foxxee wrote:

You noticed it, too.  


Absolutely agree with you there are stalkers who are just being nasty,  people who are inconsiderate, or both.  I think it's both.  


Reviewers generously take their time to post evaluations of a product to help other buyers and QVC.  They are not paid to do it.  Then someone comes along giving a reviewer a "no" because the reviewer wasn't thorough enough or didn't answer all the readers' questions or just didn't agree with the reviewer's opinion. 


I get many "yeses", so it's not that I write lousy reviews.  Out of curiosity, I began watching my reviews and others this past year for several months. I have seen many very good reviews with a "no."  Receiving a "no" for a good review looked very suspicious to me. 


I don't watch anymore, but it does make one wonder why leave reviews at all if there are people challenging them with not helpful.  I'd like to see the reviews of those who give "noes."  Would their reviews pass the same scrutiny?


Foxxee: You said it better than I did! Thanks!