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Interested purchasing from her line. Feedback if you own. TIA
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@Sweet_Serenity, if you can find your right size, I love her jeans.  Sadly, the sizing in this line is all over the map.  I gave up buying from this line because of that.  Wzy too expensive with returns.  LM

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That is so true, Lily'smom, DG2 Jean's are very comfortable, But it takes effort of trying and returning to get perfect size. That's with all the different styles for sizing is not consistent with that line.  I also gave up buying and returning.

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Thank you ladies. Decided to head Macy's instead.🙋
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I've watched DG for a while and although I like the look of her jeans and have been tempted to try them, from all the information given, it's my understanding that the jeans are designed to fit a body like hers, which is apple-shaped, so the rise is longer and the waist is proportionately larger to accomodate that body type. It wouldn't work for me.

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I used to wear nothing but DG2 jeans, & ordered a pair several months ago and her quality certainly has gone way down.  The front pockets are so small that when I pull them down my chapstick tube falls out.  They stunk so bad I had to wash them several times and hang them out side to air out.  The smell finally lessened but when I wear them I can still get a whiff of that petroleum stink.  I only wear them around the house or to run errands.  I will not be ordering any more of her products.

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Sizing is all over the place.  The superstretch was the last pair I bought and the material was way too heavy. 

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I do not buy her jeans because I'm not the body type she designs for.  But I have several of her tops which I love.  I put them in my "favorites" list and most times they go on sale.  They are well made and always fit me perfectly.  Love DG2 tops!



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Re: DG2 Diane Gilman👖

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I buy her Superstretch jeggings in petite and I've never had a problem with the fit. I'm glad she put belt loops on them because I need to wear a belt for them to stay up on my waist otherwise I'm constantly pulling them up throughout the day. I also buy her classic boot cut jeans and here again I've never had a problem with the fit. The jeggings and the classic boot cut jeans are the only styles I have tried so I can't speak for her other ones. I wear her size 4P...with a belt!

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If you high rise jeans then they may be ok but the rise on her jeans takes the waist way past my waist.  I wear my jeans with a much lower rise and a below my waist for comfort.