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I agree @Shanus.  I really liked a plaid top they had on the Tuesday Carolyn show.  But when I figured what I would be paying for it...about $50.  So not worth it for what it was.  

I have been looking for a nice plaid shirt but don't want to look like a lumberjack.   A host on another channel was wearing one in a FB photo she posted and said it was from HSN.  I went to look and it was $80.00!!!  No thanks.


I did pick up one from Kohls during a Black Friday sale.  It was only $9.99.  By the time I got there, everything was very limited though.  I'm still looking for a black and red plaid.

@Lipstickdiva, I posted a while back how I was looking for one and ended up investing in a JR red&black buffalo check shirt. If you're not a "tucker" (which I am not), this is very comfortable and slimming. I happend to think it is worth the price and will last several seasons. Very classic. I wear mine with a white tee, a black infinity scarf, black leggings or dark denim and black knee high boots. I've gotten many compliments. The item # is A284429 if you want to check it out.

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I bought a very plain scoop neck w/print top from Kohls last week.....then saw a D&C show presenting a top which had the same scoop neck/long sleeves with of course a different print......Kohls was $19 w/$$$ off for coupon....D& C was

over $40 with no discount...........................that is why i am buying less and less from QVC these days....

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I totally agree.  Just a few years ago, the prices were reasonable and now too high for the quality.  I stopped buying it.  You don't see any tops in the 20's anymore.  I thought this was suppose to be the QVC house brand with reasonable prices -- well, they need to bring the reasonable prices back!  Cat Very Happy

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Is anyone else finding Denim & Co. way more expensive than it used to? $50 for sweater w/ hood that's nothing special in fabric or design, knit pants for $44. This used to be the Q's affordable in house brand. Since there's no middle man (or woman), can't imagine the reasoning behind the price jump. 


Yes!  I am happy that  I have enough D&C to last me a lifetime!  Now if I just stay strong.......

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Its not just Denim &  Co.,  it's all clothing.   I get catalogs with clothing comparable to D&C that is about $20. more for basically the same type of garment.   Shipping much more and there's a 90% chance they'll screw up your order. 

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I couldn't agree more and D&C was the final line @QVC I shopped for on that channel.  It finally became overpriced and boring fashions that were uninteresting and I stopped watching this channel for good.  Never looked back!  My wallet is far happier because of it. 

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I watched the Dennis Basso presentation last night.

He presented a pretty standard, see them everywhere, a-line top with an embellished neckline for......$69.00!!

Dennis Basso Caviar Crepe Knit A-Line Top with Embellishment - A286048

I have nothing against trends but I do take exception to spending that on basically a novelty piece...made from poly/span......

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I do find them a bit pricey but the quality is generally there and the D&C prices aren't outlandish.  2 designers who are too expensive--especially relative to quality (or the lack of it)--are Susan Graver and Lori Goldstein.  I simply do NOT understand women who pay $80 (with tax and S&H) for cheap and trendy LOGO tops that won't be in style in a couple of years.  At least a number of D&C tops are classic styles.  Also, it seems most SG & LOGO clothing is "imported," which makes no sense relative to the pricing.  It's not like a customer pays more to get American-made products.