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Re: DB has the same issue as SG

@ALRATIBA wrote:

The blouse that Carolyn is wearing ... you can see the wrong side of the fabric inside the wide sleeves!  Anyone sitting or standing across from her can see everytime she moves.


Looks terrible!  

i don't even have to look at it to know what you're saying, and i agree that it looks terrible!  i have one top with a hankerchief hem that does that, and it drives me nuts. 

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Re: DB has the same issue as SG

@ALRATIBA wrote:

@Hippiified wrote:

Doesn’t bother me.



The person wearing it - it's a non-issue.  You don't see it.


Anybody sitting facing you would see up your sleeve at the wrong side of the fabric.  Definitely not "table top dressing" ....! 


It’s just not a big deal. Fabrics have been this way forever.  I love the inside as much as the outside. It’s like “oh no, your slip is showing”.  So?  I can’t understand the way you see it. And that’s okay.