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D & Co new long sweater

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I love the length and just ordered the red and chestnut (A270337). The red will be great for around the holidays! 


If you missed today's show from this morning, watch the video if you have time so you can see the colors better than just seeing the pics. As Carolyn mentioned, I love the chestnut color...she mentioned a nutmeg shade and it is just such a fresh color for now through the holidays. I have several IM scarves that will match perfectly too Smiley Happy

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I saw that sweater and like it. I've been considering it also. Enjoy your two sweaters!

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@Susan Louise  I watched the whole 2 hours too.  This sweater coat is great in all of the colors.  The red is so holiday!  And Ms Susan if you don't already have anything in the chestnut color from D&Co you'll love your new chestnut.  They do this color very well.


Personally I'm still looking at the charcoal - love this one.  I think it's calling my name but if I'm going to get it, it must today because of the easy pay option. 


I'll stare at it some more and then decide.  Enjoy your 2 sweaters - these will be toasty warm come this winter for sure.

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From the video and click here sizing, this sweater seems to run a little smaller than D&C customary sizing. I thought Carolyn should have been in a size up. Thinking, thinking about the red and olive.

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It is very nice! 


Don't care for the look all buttoned up but open it is great! Some nice colors, too. 

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I thought the sweater would look fabulous with leggings and  a tunic!  I bought the black, but I'm considering the olive for a later purchase!