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Yes, this version is a mini skirt, by Helmut Lang. Cat Indifferent

Yes, I know that it is too short for many and that people will say that one should be young and thin to wear it.Cat Indifferent


My question is, what do you think of a cuff that wide on a denim skirt?


Helmut Lang Femme Hi Mini SkirtHelmut Lang Femme Hi Mini Skirt

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It's cute, and in my mini skirt wearing days, I'd of been all over it.

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Reinventing the wheel that is what fashion is all about. I don't love it or hate it, I just see how they make money. People will buy, so they can be on trend. 

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Woman Very Happy  I can't handle a cuff that tall on jeans. 


First thought that comes to mind is rushing out of the bathroom before finishing pulling the skirt hem down.

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I think it's cute - it's fresh/unexpected.

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That hem is so wide it could be an effective crumb catcher.  I don't like it at all.

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Not fond of it.  I think they're leaning over backwards to create something different to sell.

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Sorry, to me it just looks silly. know, to each their own.
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I suspect they tried a number of widths of that cuff, but it just doesn’t look right.  Too wide. It would make a shorter person look even shorter.

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