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Ordered the Cuddleduds flowy cardigan.   This is the first time I've ordered this brand.   Hoping that it looks as good as I think it will.   I got the neutral gray color ....Any one have an opinion on the brand?    I bought the s/m size & figured it would look good w/jeans & my black leggings...workout pants etc.    I can always wear it when I go to the grocery store!,

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I love the way this wrap drapes and the warmth, yet it is thin.  I do have to qualify this with the fact that it pills terribly and quickly... 

It will look really good with your outfit!

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@conniebird  There are many, many discussions and opinions of Cuddl Duds (two words) on this board so if you do a search, you'll find a lot of threads to read.   Here is my search link so you can start reading the many opinions already posted:

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This was my first purchase with this brand.  Ordered both the peach and green in the small/medium.  I've seen this brand in a few stores...Kohls, TJMaxx, but I've not seen this particular cardigan.  Especially loved the colors.  Looks like a light-weight, versatile fabric so I'm hoping I'll like the fit.

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Their leggings stretched out and had to trash them. Bought two pair.

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Re: Cuddleduds...

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Cuddlduds are a special kind of soft. I have a black cardigan, and really like it. I have worn the under clothes Cuddlduds for many years. They really keep you warm, yet are very lightweight.

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Re: Cuddleduds...

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I ordered  two A267447 of their cardigans to wear around the house.  They're snuggly soft but pill under the arms.  Doesn't really show but I don't like it but I love them!


I have worn their soft underwear for years.  If you use a hot dryer they do shrink a size.

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Cuddl Duds used to be sold in a local department store in my city. When I bought many years ago it was thermal wear to be worn under your clothes for an extra layer of warmth; it was not outerwear. I  haven't tried any of their Q pieces yet. 

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Re: Cuddleduds...

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That fabric pills badly.  The red pullover shirt I got shed all over everything it touched.   What a mess that was!    I'm not buying any more of it. 

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I ordered the 2 of the TSV fleece cardigans from several months ago.  They fit well and I have not experienced pilling.  I haven't tried the knit cardigans, they have some nice colors and feel more for spring.  I hope you like them.  Many years ago I bought the Cuddl Duds fleece backed leggings type pants at JCP.  I think they were meant to be worn like thermal undergarments.  I wore them under my suits when commuting. The drawback was they were shiny and did shrink.