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@MaggieMack wrote:

@Chi-town girl, I think your comment about the patterned Cuddl Duds items vs the solids is spot on. I bought mostly patterned in everything, no pilling yet. The one pair of solid gray fleece tights show a little pilling, but I don't wear those out anyway.


I also got the Linea coat, but haven't worn it enough to experience pilling. I don't think it will be a problem for me because I have way to many coats, so will be judicious about when I wear my Linea. So disappointing, that should NOT happen! Louis usually gives us the best fabrics . . .

Hi @MaggieMack-I can understand some wear after a season or 2 but in both cases, the pilling was horrible and so quickly. Very disappointed and oddly coincidental.


I really liked that Zebra coat but I hate pilling. It makes a garment look old & cheap and you can't just shave it once, it will just get worse over time. Louis designed a beautiful coat, including the zebra print, but the fabric has a propensity to shed & pill. I'm just surprised it passed Q's quality testing. I have other Linea garments that are fantastic, esp the whisper knits and the leggings, opaque stockings are excellent! Q's CS was wonderful in handling the issue. 



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