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Re: Cuddl Duds, Muk Luk, AnyBody....

@bhvbum I have several pairs of fleece cuddle duds leggings and love them all!I hope qvc continues to sell these

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Re: Cuddl Duds, Muk Luk, AnyBody....

I like these clothes but have more than enough that I bought during the pandemic. There is only so much room for these to be stored and I’m bored with them. I’m back to buying regular clothes - a few dresses and tops and jeans. To each his own.
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Re: Cuddl Duds, Muk Luk, AnyBody....

@Shanus wrote:

Although they think the 20 and 30 somethings are their target audience, IMO it's the older crowd, some retired or working from home. 


These loose fitting lounge/pj style is the big seller for Q. 


I don't feel "dressed", even if staying home for the day, in a pajama type lounging outfit. I may as well stay in my nightie and robe.



@Shanus I think the QVC marketing department and fashion buyers have the idea that this loungewear that can double as outside clothes is what the 20 and 30-somethings wear.  If what I see counts they may be right.  In fact, the only people I usually see wearing pajamas as clothes are young.  I rarely see women of a mature age dressed that way outside the home.  Sure the older woman may be wearing more relaxed fitting clothing, but most I see are wearing clothes, not pjs.  


None of it for me. What they are showcasing as loungewear isn't what I prefer to wear around my home and most is too much fabric for me to sleep in.