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Re: Corporate Called re: click here measurements

My Thanks to everyone who's been working so hard to correct these issues, especically JustJazzMom and Happy Lady.

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Re: Corporate Called re: click here measurements

On 2/12/2015 chrystaltree said:

Hello...I'm upper upper Sorry, I cannot believe "Corporate" would make such or call....upper Too funny for words.

I have called Corporate myself for other things and left a message. When they called me back, they identified their names and simply said I'm ---- from the President's office calling you about your voicemail. It more than likely was a secretary or assistant of some kind but I doubt it was anyone like an upper management or like that.

I used to return calls from a Chairman's office all the time when I worked and I was his assistant talking on his behalf, not considered Upper Management.

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Re: Corporate Called re: click here measurements

I sent off another e mail today; this is the response:

QVC is currently working on restoring “click here” measurements to products. I will forward item A259620 to our IT dept. as one that still needs measurements.

QVC Social Team

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Re: Corporate Called re: click here measurements

JustJazzmom ~ I think that is the most positive response we have heard to date about the "click here" measurements. I'm extremely pleased to see them show up, even late.

Now, let's hope that they can show up when a new itemsposts. So we can plan ahead and aren't flying in the dark when the items are flying out the door on show day Smiley Happy

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Re: Corporate Called re: click here measurements

On 2/9/2015 HAPPY LADY said:
On 2/9/2015 StuffyBug said: I'm sufficiently cynical to think that if someone truly were a member of "upper, upper" management, he wouldn't characterize himself that way. Simply giving his name and job title would have been appropriate.

He did give his name, his title etc.;very appropriate. I am the one who is using the term upper, upper management to convey the level of authority I was speaking to. He did not characterize himself that way. I certainly am not going to give out his name or title on this forum. That was my way of moving my phone call information along to the forum. I was getting qualifications on his ability to discuss this issue and hopefully get this mess resolved and not waste my time or his. How many times do you ask for a supervisor and someone gets on the phone and after you go through all the issues they say they are not qualified to resolve this issue. Ergo: upper, upper management.

I certainly didn't expect you to give his name and title here. If it was your characterization as to whom you were speaking, fine.