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Completely wrong item delivered

Ordered an 'as is' bag and what arrived was a bag by a completely different designer, in a completely different color. There were some similarities in the style but it wasn't really close. Called customer service and at first they had none left, so I asked if I could get the bag in the non as-is version for the same price as the as-is price, since the Q made the mistake. The rep who was very nice, said since they were going to take care of the return shipping they couldn't give me a discount. But of course they have to be responsible for the return shipping! They made the error! After all that the rep was able to find another as-is to send. Got it today and it is perfect

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Re: Completely wrong item delivered

I'm glad you finally got the purse you really wanted. The Q and others won't give anyone a price Break, too cheap!!!!
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Re: Completely wrong item delivered

When you return ship..they credit your credit card within a month

or just don't get the refund right away.