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Re: Come on Isaac

Once many women reach a certain age, they no longer really care what other people think and wear sleeveless, short sleeves, etc.  I can't imagine any woman running around in the heat of the summer wearing long sleeves because they don't like their arms.  


I'm only 5'4" so the dress would be just below my knee.  I also know many, many women my age and older who have no issue wearing a dress above the knee.  However, I do think this dress should have been done in talls because there are also a lot who won't wear an above the knee dress.  I am one that won't because I don't like my legs and then sitting down would make the dress even shorter.


The TSV dress IMO is a nice, basic dress that can be worn for running around, meeting friends and even to work in some instances.  I would even throw it on over a bathing suit when we dock to go get lunch or dinner.  

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Re: Come on Isaac

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TSV stands for today's SPECIAL value; there's nothing even remotely SPECIAL about this tee shirt dress I'm afraid. It wasn't very flattering on 90% of the models unless you put something on top of it and I just don't think, even though it's a basic, that you should have to. It should look good on its own too...

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Re: Come on Isaac

@daisy123    LOL.  I thought you meant the dress (TSV)   I didn't look at his other stuff.  He's boring to me, so I never bother.  His dress is just another meh dress.

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Re: Come on Isaac

If Lands End or J Crew offered this, I have a feeling we'd see some "oohs".


It's a cute dress and not expensive.  I for one cover my arms in the summer, from the sun.

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Re: Come on Isaac

Not sure what a certain age is...I am 64, I think the dress is cute but would not purchase short.  I won't wear a dress that does not go a several inches below the knees and the short sleeves....I won't wear short sleeves if they are to short...some sleeves are so short that it 'feels' as if the fabric is right under the arm pit.

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Re: Come on Isaac

I don't see what's so bad about it -- it's a nice, basic dress at what I think is a pretty good price. I saw comments about it being "shapeless," but I don't see that either. It fits through the shoulders and bust and has a bit of a swing shape. If it's not for you, so be it. Some people like simple shapes and solid colors, and I hope those who purchase will enjoy.

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Re: Come on Isaac

this dress is not for me but it looks as though you can dress it up or dress it down. nice for spring/summer.

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Re: Come on Isaac

IM's stuff is decent quality, but I'm not a fan of his tee shirts, so I would never buy the tee shirt dress. Also, too short for a 68 year old woman IMO, I would have to buy the regular size to get the length and I'm only 5ft3.

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Re: Come on Isaac

@Songbird1 wrote:

@daisy123 wrote:

I agree, and i don't think he is understanding a "woman of a certain age" as far as clothes go. Most women i know, do not like short sleeves, or short  skirts and dresses.  

I just looked at it.  It looks like a bland, conservative dress.  Why can't an older woman wear it?  What is the matter with the sleeves?  Are elbows a horrible sight? Those are tall models.  Of course it will be higher then the knee.  Even if it is, what is the big deal?  It's hot outside.  You want a cool cotton dress.  If you can wear a bermuda, you can certainly wear this dress.  I don't care what age.  

I don't know how old you are, but wait and you'll understand the arm thing.And you can't exercise those to look good. I remember Joan Rivers saying, when I wave so does the skin hanging from my arms. It's called we all get there someday. You don't see models in their 80's on there do you? Time is cruel .

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Re: Come on Isaac

We’re not all at an age that we don’t want to show our arms or knees. I think this is a great basic for summer. I got the navy.