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Re: Color Combinations You May Not Have Tried



Thanks for taking the time to post all the pics and color swatches!  I love color...I'm still trying to adjust going gray and the changes in the colors I feel I can and cannot wear near my face.  Whereas, once I could wear all the pastel colors (with my dark hair), I now look washed out in pastels.  I've been incorporating darker colors on top, which provides a contrast that I like and no washed out look, and even black (which I once did NOT wear on top...go figure).


Try to find darker, brighter, more saturated color in the summer, tho!


One color I'm taking a second look at is brown...who knew brown looks great with gray hair!  I bought a few tops in LDO's espresso color and love it.  If you remember when @ECBG posted some of Ralph Lauren's fall collection (I think it was a video), those browns were gorgeous...deep and rich.


Your thread gave me some ideas for pairings with brown.  Have a great day, lola!


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Re: Color Combinations You May Not Have Tried

@Snicks1 wrote:
@lolakimono, is it just my computer? Only the 1st 23 photos have come through. The rest of your many, many posts on this thread are blank.

It's because if you hot link from another website, you are basically stealing their bandwidth by forcing them to pay for the data useage every time someone opens this thread and scrolls past those hot links. So they basically shut it down on their side. 


It's considered bad internet manners to hot link from outside websites. @Snicks1

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