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Re: Clothing prices

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$70 for a t-shirt is insane.  If it were a dress or a coat, I could see spending that.  But not a t-shirt, especially when most people have so many of them anyway.  I won't pay that for a t-shirt.  EVER.

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Honestly, the prices are taking the fun out of shopping for fashion. I used to not really think twice about buying a few sweaters or whatever while I was out shopping. Now because of the high prices, I have to consider seriously how much use I will get out of an item, does it match anything in my closet etc. I feel guilty or something paying high prices. Shopping just isn't the lighthearted event it once was.
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I totally agree with the OP. $70 for a T shirt ? I mentioned  $99 for a vest being overpriced ( Isaac vest ) and I could afford it, not a problem but it's just not worth it to me anyway. To each her own.

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Re: Clothing prices

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@NEvans2.  Let's  be fair; for $70. You do not get an ordinary, plain tee shirt such as you'd find at Walmart or your vacation souvenir shirt shop.   They're usually referred to as "tops".


The are nice fabric, usually a blend and are often prints, stripes, or have "designer" details like collars, rounded hems, unusual sleeve treatments. 


If you want a plain cotton tee, sure, go get one at Walmart or Target.  QVC  has them too and they're not $70.

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I agree with @NEvans2 , this has been discussed "ad nauseam". What I think of after reading these types of threads over and over, it's the same discussion I remember hearing my grandmother say to my parents.


When I was a child, I am 61, my parents, grandparents, friends and other family would talk about how expensive everything was, gas, food, clothing. You could put their exact discussion to these days. Nothing changes. Prices always go up, we always think things are over priced. It's the way it is. 


I never recall a conversation I heard in my entire life that someone talked about how prices continue to drop and quality rises. It's not how it works. Expect things to go up even more with the price of labor increasing. 

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I am willing to spend more for quality it clothing or food. I am glad people are getting paid more for their labor.


But what I have a problem with is spending a lot of money on inferior products. Inferior to me means fabric that shrinks, becomes misshapen when washed per instruction. Scratchy material, bad zippers or buttons, etc etc. Leather that is stiff, no arch support in boots/shoes...yadda yadda. 


These days I am in the buy better quality, have fewer items camp. Which may mean spending $70 or more on the perfect cotton tee...but that beats spending $35 per tee that ended up being utter rubbish. 








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I have spent well over $70 for a tee shirt.  But it wasn't a plain no frills shirt.   I like Double D Ranchwear and it's a bit expensive, but I get something that expresses my style and is great quality.  It's all a matter of choice.   I will invest in clothing that I want to wear and fits me well.   I  also have some Time and Tru pieces from WalMart that I like and wear a lot.  It depends on what I am getting and the "value" to me personally to determine what I am willing to pay for a tee shirt or other clothing.

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If clothing is made from poly or other synthetic fabrics, I wouldn't even give it a second look.  I only wear natural fabrics, except for a few things like bras where there is no choice.


I don't care if a tee shirt is $5 or $100.  It is is not 100% natural, I am not going to buy it.


Honestly, I have enough clothing to last me for the rest of my life....some things in my closet still have tags on them.


I find it sickening that our planet is polluted with clothing.  Most donated clothing gets bundled up and sold by the pound.  It is then sent to Asia or other countries and dumped into a landfill.


Most people do not need more clothing, but keep the cycle of buying and purging going.


I very seldom buy any clothing unless I really need it...not want it, but need it. I wish I did this years ago.

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Are housing prices ever going to come down a bit?  Over the pandemic homes in my community went up by  100K to 200K.  That's crazy in just a short amount of time!  These are the times that we live in...high prices across the board.


As for clothing, if I like something and really want it, I will still buy it.  It has to be comfortable and look good on me.  Just because something is made well with all natural fibers doesn't mean I will look or feel good in it.  For instance, I can't wear a wool sweater, not even cashmere.


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There are A LOT more factors that go into why prices on EVERYTHING have gone up in the past almost 3 years!  We all know what they are.  The plandemic is just ONE!