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@kate2357 ....YES.....I am in your camp. I always tend to purchase better but fewer quality items (clothing, handbags, shoes, etc). Sadly, so many items on the market are not (quality), but the asking price is high. My point here is, I want to see, touch and know  what they're made of, and if I'm satisfied with that, then the cost is justified. Fast fashion be damned.

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I favor certain retailers but never pay full price. There are so many promo codes available through reputable coupon sites. Once I shopped with them, they started sending me even better promo codes.


It pays to shop around. I can find the same or almost identical items elsewhere for less than Q charges. 



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@pdlinda wrote:

@Desertdi   Yes....when I saw the price of a gallon of gas today in Phx I literally started to tear up!!  I couldn't BELIEVE HOW OUT-OF-CONTROL prices have become!!  It's like the middle class is being squeezed out of existence!

I haven't seen it that high in Phoenix yet. Maybe Scottsdale. It's around 5.00 in Peoria. In summer they claim the higher prices are for "summer blend " in winter it's because of the change over to winter blend. It's all BS.

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I can't even recall the last time I paid full price for any clothes.  


I'm a bargain hunter - only buy what's on sale ... with a good markdown.


I already have lots of clothes .... I can wait for a sale.  If I miss something - no big deal.  I didn't "need" it.  

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Re: Clothing prices

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I never recall a conversation I heard in my entire life that someone talked about how prices continue to drop and quality rises. It's not how it works. Expect things to go up even more with the price of labor increasing. 

I remember those days.  That is about when inflation started at a surprising rate and is still out of control.  My kids are your age and I raised them in a 3 BR, LR,kitchen, DR, family room 2 bath home that I bought for under $20,000 yes, 20,000.  Today that house would sell for $275,000!  Inflation rates changed drastically!

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@Zhills - What did you earn back then?  Everything has to be put in perspective.

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Min Was 1.25 but I had some seniority.  I could easily afford the house, a car and insurance.


We always have eaten well.  Not junk food.

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Whatever.....   You haven't said anything that hasn't been said a million times already and you know full well that prices aren't going to go back to what they were at some previous point in history.