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Re: Closet is almost bare...good will trip

Must be the season!  When I was home over Christmas break, I did the same thing.  I have one small "storage" room that I was dumping things in big time because of company over Christmas weekend.  Well, I could only take about 3 steps into the room! 


So the day after Christmas, I took everything out and dumped whatever I had not touched in a year.  I had vacuum bags for a vacuum I got rid of 3 years ago!  Will I still need those bags??  don't think so.  Got rid of about 5 bags of trash.  So that caused me to go thru all my rooms, then hit the closets.  


That's how I spent my holiday break!  Gosh, it felt good.


As for clothes, one of my co-workers volunteers at a women's shelter, so I just donate clothes, bags, shoes, etc.

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Re: Closet is almost bare...good will trip

@twinny70 wrote:

Witchy Woman, I would love to help you.  Purging closet's & drawers is my favorite hobby.  I love being able to open drawers & closest doors & being able to see everything that I own.


I don't want my DC to have to go through my things like I had to go through my mom's things 10 months ago.


Clutter drives me nuts & I like to make it as easy as I can for my DH when he vacuums.


Good job to all of you that are getting rid of unused things or trying to.  Even 15 minutes here & there will have great results.





Are you in Maryland?  If so, come on over! Woman LOL


Maybe you should be a professional organizer!


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Re: Closet is almost bare...good will trip

I am in Maryland too. I love to organize my closet too! I use wooden hangers and pretty baskets to make my closet look like a store.

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Re: Closet is almost bare...good will trip

I've started to assemble my pile of items to donate.  I must also admit I feel some shame for having so much and holding on to it for far too long. 

I will feel so much better giving the garments away and I know I will have learned a lesso or two. 


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Re: Closet is almost bare...good will trip

I purge my closets regularly. I always have a bag in my basement for things to donate or sell. I have no emotional attachment to clothing. It makes it much easier to get dressed when you know what you have fits and flatters. I just took a bag of stuff to Goodwill this week that included a coat, handbag, and a few tops. I find I am getting rid of less because I am a better shopper. I still make a few mistakes when shopping but have basically figured out what is a good purchase for me.