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Not knocking Logo clothes at all, because I love them, BUT, the so-called "clearance" prices on Logo are ridiculous!   Some other brands seem to be knocked down quite a bit on clearance, but not Logo.  Agree? 

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That's pretty common -  some brands sell easier than others.  I don't follow Logo at any price, but there are brands I follow elsewhere that never seem to be more than 20% reduced when all the rest of the store is off 25 and more.  Here at QVC I pretty much buy only Graver and if I don't buy what I like almost as soon as I see it, it won't be around to go on sale. What does go on sale I usually never wanted to begin with.


I assume if few people buy at what you think are ridiculous prices, then one day there will be another reduction.  



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I like some of the items in the LOGO line, but I won't pay $90 for one of the tops. I can go to a boutique nearby and get better quality for that price and the size won't be erratic. 

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I think the "clearance" prices just reduce the items to where they should have been in the first place.  QVC's prices are set at what they think the market will bear.  When the prices are too inflated, suddenly we have "clearance."