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Clarisonic Vs the other sonic facial cleaners

After I have had an opportunity to try a $29.00 nutrosonic on a HSN TSV....

I have to say, I feel totally riped off by paying over $300 for my Clairisonic. I have the full size Clarisonic that I bought two years ago and this November I bought the travel size nutrosonic, it even has more speeds where I can honestly say one speed could be considered an extractor of blackheads and the actual area where the sonic movement is happening is much larger than the regular size clarisonic. The only negative is that this less expensive unit doesn't have a splash guard whereas on the Clarisonic you do have more of a splash guard, but the downside on having the splash guard with the Clarisonic is that the actual sonic movement area is less than the size of a dime!

The SHOPNBC skin care guy also sells one and I think it's made by the same company as the Nutrosonic and I know there's other drug store versions out there. I would be interested in hearing how others have compared to the pricey Clarisonic.