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On Friday, May 14, they will be having a show on Shop HQ at 12:00PM Eastern.


Guess they will be selling on TV since they closed all of their brick and mortar stores.


I have never watched or purchased from this channel.  

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You may find something you love.  I went to that store when they were in our mall and wasn't "inspired".

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 I made by first C&B purchases about 3 months on-line before they filed bankruptcy.  Their clothes are so nice, quality is excellent and I've received mine at great prices.  I never made it to the store as they closed all the stores before I could ever get there.


I'll be looking forward to the show on HQ.   I've made a few purchases from HQ (a dress and some skin care items) and had no issues - service was prompt - prices were good.


Looking forward to the show!

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I have purchased from them occasionally over the years.  Much less in the past several years as I am just not finding pieces I like.


I do still get emails from them and the most recent one had this announcement of them selling on Shop HQ.  

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About 90% of my wardrobe is from C&B.   I own way over 100 tees shirts from them which includes tanks, short, elbow, 3/4 and long sleeves.

They always had big sales at least twice a year where their clothing was almost free.  I paid $10 or less for my tee shirts.  Some, I have been wearing for years, over 20.  They wash well, don't fade and last.


I wear their jeans and capris as well.


Since they closed their B&M stores, I don't care for their offerings or their sales.  They no longer offer elbow length sleeves in solid colors and their capris are limited to two colors.

I won't be shopping on Shop HQ.  I know they will not be selling my beloved tees for $6.00.  I am fortunate that I have many new tees still with the tags on them.  I guess I'm set for a long time.

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I will not be buying from them on Shop HQ either.  I am not sure I even have that channel.......


I have been checking them online, but there has been nothing I am even remotely interested in buying any more.😩😩

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Are they just closing the stores and keeping the online shopping? 

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They closed all of their stores and only sell online.  And will be selling on ShopHQ.

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I ordered 3 nice tops, 2 came quickly.

The 3rd one was taking forever so I called CS.

They said they changed wearhouses since they were

bought by ShopHQ. I wondered if they would appear

on their show, now I know!

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@resort gal 


Thanks for that info!  I did not realize they had been purchased by ShopHQ.