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Are any of you wearing your Christmas sweaters?   I'm trying to get into the spirit of Christmas, so am wearing all my Christmas gear even tho nobody sees it.   I see it.


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The only "Christmas" sweater that I own is a red cashmere turtleneck. It hasn't been cold enough to bring out the wool sweaters yet, but when it is, I'll certainly wear it. 

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Don't own any sweaters but I do have a Christmas sweatshirt that if it ever gets cold enough I'll wear.

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No, still dressing in lounge wear. I got my CuddleDuds TSV and think they'll be perfect on Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve since we are not going out. Yesterday I had a blood draw for my annual physical so I wore actual pants and top from two QVC brands.

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Yes I do wear some...I have many at my old age but due to sitting around the house am not wearing any nice ones.  For example, I have a  Quacker Factory jacket with holly and martini glasses.  The 12 days of Christmas ...  I hope next Christmas to wear them all.


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Re: Christmas Sweaters?

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My Christmas spirit is long gone, especially this year. I can't seem to muster any interest in the holidays.  I can't remember the last time I wore a Christmas sweater or t-shirt.  

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I only have one christmas sweather but a bunch of christmas T shirts (I Live in Florida) I wear them year round


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No Christmas garb here.

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I am wearing mine.  I have a few from Quacker factory (more like regular shirts) and might as well wear them as they only get worn in December!  LOL   It makes people smile when I have my jacket open in the supermarket.........oh well, we aren't going anyplace else these days!  

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I do not believe I have worn or bought for myself or as gift a Christmas sweater/sweatshirt since around 1992 or so.

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