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I just wrote a long letter an hour ago and now I cannot find it anywhere. People think I don't care because I can't answer but how can I answer after 4 days when now after an hour I can't find it. Maybe I am just too old for this and I am old. I love to chat but we don't do that anymore since the Q split us all up. This proves my point. I can't answer because I can't find my letter. As I said before, it really isn't nearly as much fun as it used to be. Sorry, I'll keep looking for my letter but what are the chances I will find it. I actually thought I wrote in the fashion talk section. This makes me really upset. I came back online just to see if I could see the letter I wrote and can't. If I can't find it after an hour, how can you guys blast me for not finding it after 4 days? LOL Anyhow, I will keep on looking. Merry Christmas!