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Carolyn's Closet

I seldom get to watch Q live but happen to have time to watch "Carolyn's Closet" this morning.  First,  I always enjoy watching Carolyn Gracie, she is by far the BEST host for numerous reasons. 

Today, Carolyn looks beautiful in the TSV and her new hairdo. 


Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

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Re: Carolyn's Closet

Carolyn is my favorite host hands down. She is kind and her life seems more like ours than some of the hosts. She loves to stay at home with her family and pets and garden.


She also seems to care about whether the viewer is getting the information they need. I don't feel she is trying to coerce anyone when she is selling an item. She just explains it. I believe her when she says she has 5 pairs of the denim &. co. terry cloth active pants because they suit her lifestyle. 





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Re: Carolyn's Closet

IMO, by far the best...not only on QVC...all other shopping channels, too.  



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Re: Carolyn's Closet

I enjoy watching Carolyn's Closet too. I also enjoy her D&C shows when I get a chance to watch.  I agree with the comments here regarding how she describes the items and best of all to me, she keeps the focus on the item.  It sounds genuine to me when she speaks of owning multiples of a particular item. Carolyn's skill as a host trandscends to other categories.  In fact count me as one who has a high regard for Carolyn hosting regardless of what kinf od products she's selling.  


As I became more conscious of my clothing budget in recent years, I too have adopted a philosophy that I would rather have 2 or 3 of the same pants I love (in different colors), instead of buying 20 pants and still only wearing 2 or 3 regularly.   

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Re: Carolyn's Closet

I have watched Carolyn for years.  She is my favorite host.  She is not high pressure telling us we need the item in every color or “it’s only 50¢ a day.”  She doesn’t go off on tangents about kids, vacations etc.  I would love to have her as a neighbor or friend.

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Re: Carolyn's Closet

Carolyn is a great host.


Happy Valentines Day to you as wel, @Calcgirl

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