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Re: Carole Hochman set at a great sale price!

@tarsmom wrote:

Hi Susan Louise,


It came today!  I got the blue's much prettier than I thought it would be - I don't normally buy blue.  I am 5'2" and normally a Medium and although this M is a little big, it's not TOO big.  I like my PJs big anyway.  Sometimes I buy a Large in cheaper PJ's just because I don't like a tight waist but this is very roomy.  It's a little long in the sleeves but I can have my friend hem those for me.  It's very soft and comfy - I thank you very much for the recommendation!  I hate to spend $40 and then have to send it back.  Well made, too.  


@tarsmom  Thanks for posting back. I'm thrilled you like the set! Enjoy Smiley Happy