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This 3  piece pj.set is so nice, I just had to give it a shout out. Last year I ordered a set for myself, and liked it so much I ordered  one for my friend for Christmas. It went over so well, I'm doing it again this year ( different color of course ). It is soft and cozy, but the best part is the solid color short  cover up. I have used it all year, to cover up just to run outside or answer the door. It comes in nice colors, and with that coverup is really versatile. 

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@QVC kitty 1 Funny you should post this....I just received this set two days ago and I LOVE it! I was on the fence because I've always worn Costco or SAMs Club pajamas, which are much cheaper. I really wanted the petite size, however, so I went ahead and ordered them. They're really nice and they fit perfectly (small). I intend to order more.

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A local store had a great sale and I restocked my collection.  😀😀

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Yes, this is a nice line of pj's. Not to be a kill joy, but I buy them deeply discounted at Dillard's.