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Re: Candace Cameron Bure Short Tops

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Both Candace and Katrina tucked in their shirts, not just this top, but every time I glanced at the show, their shirts were tucked (I multitask and only pay real attention if I think I want to purchase.  Thanks to the cable company for the DVR.).  I did get the impression that Candace designs for tucking.  


@ROMARY and @songbird this is your line!. Maybe she is going for the long leg look.


I don't tuck because, with a short torso, tucking creates more bulk than I want around my waist.  But IMO, short shirts are not great for tucking either, because the wearer has to adjust the tuck every time they reach out with their arms.  With no tucking, just pulling down the shirt is sufficient, if needed at all.   

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Re: Candace Cameron Bure Short Tops

It's nice that there is a new line, CCB that appeals to so many.  Gives us all more choices.  You can't please everyone. Some tops are to short for me and some are to long so I just keep looking for the "just right"  

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Re: Candace Cameron Bure Short Tops

I'm glad some lines offer shorter tops. I do not always like longer tops.  They often say that longer tops are more flattering but I disagree. Some can get hung up on a person's butt and just emphasize it even more.  

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Re: Candace Cameron Bure Short Tops

I put this top on my wish list.  I need to go back and look at it in detail now that I am on my iPad vs. my iPhone...LOL!

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