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I ordered a few items online...went on a hour walk....came home and thought about it.  Decided I could live without what I ordered, make do. So I canceled it.   I know sometimes I order things because it gives me a lift.....I just need to inspire myself in a better way.  



Be careful....I got the 'Too May Cancellations' letter once and after the second time, they'll close your account, where you can't even buy on QVC.


It's happened to people here on the forums, as well as friends or neighbors of posters here.

@KingstonsMom  Thank-you for the was not a shopping TV channel. If it were might be the best thing that ever happened to my budgetSmiley Happy

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Totally agree!  The hosts should let us know what customers said about size...i.e, too big, too small -- order up.  Guess the customers satisfaction is of no value to them or QVC.   There goes the Value!

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IG, I'm very surprised to hear that! especially since we're given a limited time in order to cancel, so that means the item hasn't been processed yet. how does that affect them? I would think it's better than frequent returns. I really hate returning stuff to QVC, so I try to make sure I want the item enough to keep it. unless of course there's something wrong with it. I've made a total of 2 returns in all these years, and they were for valid reasons. no cancellations yet. 



I don't understand it either, since the item hasn't shipped and goes right back into inventory, where another shopper can buy it.


I was so surprised (and confused) to get this 'letter'.

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