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Does anyone know if any of the compression socks on QVC are for wider calfs?

I bought  some according to QVC sizing, WAY to tight for larger calves.

thank you

queen betty

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Have you done a Search?  Larger compressions socks are certainly widely available, the best through medical supply sources.  I've even seen them at Walmart.  It depends on what type of quality you're looking for.

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Search for some. I  know Amazon definitely has some as I bought some recently. I hope this helps!

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A279669 shows wide sizes.  There may be others.  I put "wide calf compression socks" in the search bar.

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queen- the A269482 Legacy graduated trouser knee highs are great for my wide calfs. Besrt I have found. Don't bind, long enough  don't slide down, perfect medium compression. I also appreciate I can get brown and navy in addition to black in a multi set. HTH Rose

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Get them from a Dr via a RX.  QVC and stores are not the same as medical ones.