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I was suprised to see this line pop up on HSN with CS as the designer behind the brand.  I am not sure if they are still owned by Xcel Brands (who also owns Judith Ripka and Isaac Mizrahi Live), but they aquired the brand in 2016 (after C Wonder filed for bankruptcy).  I do like it much better than I did with Brad G as the brand ambassador.  

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The white is gorgeous and would get it if it had pockets. If it doesn't have pockets, I won't ever wear it. The yellow is beautiful, too. 

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I was clickling through channels last night,OMG he was on hsn,absolutely horrible  clothing.

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Re: C Wonder Line

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Kristine Zell was a guest for C.Wonder on Hsn last night. Remember her?


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Re: C Wonder Line

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I just went to look ... it appears she's gonna be the "brand ambassador" for the line.   I could never watch her when she was a host here.


C Wonder by Christian Siriano Tweed Jacket - 20751920 | HSN

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I just scrolled through the C Wonder items. 


He's not doing anything that would work with my personal style and It's really a bit "too young" for me.


BUT - I do have to give him credit for a nice looking collection.

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There was this ugly tri colored  thing he had on last night,looked ridiculous.

When you lose some one you L~O~V~E, that Memory of them, becomes a TREASURE.
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I thought it was great showing of the line.  Not all the pieces are for me and that's ok.  But I thought the line was cohesive.  Some of the items are different without being outlandish.  

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Some of his line was nice, but I didn't like it all.  I am in the market for new clothing...I need a smaller size, so my radar is up.


I have seen some pretty ugly stuff.  This jumpsuit available on QVC looks like  the model stepped in muddy water IMO.  I just scratch my head in wonder.  Maybe I am just old.





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I received my C Wonder by Suriano dress yesterday.  Tried it on this morning.  It's a perfect fit.  I love the soft flowy fabric and the arm holes aren't too deep at all.  I'm 5'3" so I bought petite.  It's not midcalf, it's an ankle length maxi.  Which I love.  Perhaps I was wrong about it being midcalf.