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Shawn asked Isaac when they started if he had some kind of nasal thing going.  He said he thought it was allergies or a cold and when he said the word "cold", she moved about three feet away from him.  I don't blame her!  That would be me!  If I think someone has a cold I try not to share breathing space.😁

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lol I saw that, a little heavy on the self tanner too

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I missed it but I'd have done the same thing. I almost never get sick & I give a lot of credit to the fact that I avoid sick people!

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Didn't she have the cold last week?????

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I would think it's Shawn who is spreading germs all around by kissing each and every vendor. Ugh.


I also avoid people who are sick. I do not kiss people outside of my family either.

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I was watching but I didn't see her move away at all.  She was seated right in the same position she was in when she asked.  Don't see what her self tanner has to do with it either.

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I cannot remember when I had my last cold. Don't want anyone sneezing or coughing around me.  I attribute my good fortune to always washing my hands and never touching my face. 

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He should have stayed home.