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Buying sets

The ones with a top and bottom.  Even as a young girl I could not wear them.  I needed a different size in the blouse or jacket.  I had broad shoulders and could not wear a size 2 top.  To get a set or a suit I had to buy them separately.


Same today I cant buy the sets, need smaller for the bottoms and a larger top to go over the girls.


Anyone else?

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Re: Buying sets

Me too, but never a size 2!

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Re: Buying sets

I was always the opposite.  Bigger on the bottom and smaller on the top.

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Re: Buying sets

I'm like the original poster. Makes it difficult when buying a suit. I've bought two different sized sets and sent back the bottom and top that did not fit. Sometimes I luck out and find a top separate that is the same as the bottom. 

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Re: Buying sets

I haven't bought any suits since before I retired, and can't recall buying any "sets" in recent years.  


With the suits - it depended on the label.  Clairborne and Jones NY are two  that I couldn't wear.  


For me - dresses were always an issue because of my long torso and wide shoulders. 

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Re: Buying sets

I have no problem with today's modern stretch fabrics but in a woven fabric; I can't and never could buy a set because I need a larger size on the bottom.  That's why even back in the day when I wore expensive suits for work, I could never by a had to be a blazer and a skirt.  

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Re: Buying sets

It's not only sets, it's woven sheath dresses, tunics, pants and slim skirts.


I am a pear shape so with woven straight skirts, dresses and tunics, by the time I get the item to fit my hip area, it's huge at the top across my shoulders and chest.  Any woven pants have to be taken in at the waist.

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Re: Buying sets

While many people can fit nicely into tops and bottoms sold as sets, there are probably more who need different sizes for top and bottom.  Back in the days when I wore suits regularly, I was generally the same size on top and bottom, but still required alterations for the best fit. 


Whenever the jumpsuit has its day in the sun as a hot fashion item always makes me chuckle. Those things are a recipe for a lot of returns and donations to clothing giveaway bins.  When the fashion marketing powers work their magic and convice the masses that they must have a jumpsuit they really do sell well.  However after buying one most women I know either end up second guessing the purchase, or rarely wearing the jumpsuit. Reason being there's always something off trying to get that top and bottom fit just right.  

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Re: Buying sets

I wear one size larger on the top than bottom.


Swimsuits - I have to buy separate pieces, can’t get away with buying a two piece set.


I never buy two piece top and bottoms sets of anything, except jammies, their usually more of a relaxed fit all over. The ones with actual waistband ties work well also to

adjust fit accordingly.