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Build yourself a tower of gifts!

Build a tower of gift boxes just for you.. use your imagination!

The box on the bottom has to be the biggest, the top box is the smallest.

What's in your boxes? Be specific, brands, colors, etc. If I forgot something, you can add it to your tower.. but size order, please!

Box #1 ~ jewelry

Box #2 ~ tickets for a dream vacation

Box #3 ~ fragrance

Box #4 ~ make up/beauty product

Box #5 ~ book

Box #6 ~ accessory

Box #7 ~ shoes/boots

Box #8 ~ handbag

Box #9 ~ blouse/sweater

Box #10 ~ pants

Box #11 ~ outerwear

bottom #12 ~ electronics or something BIG!

I have to think about mine for a while.. I'll get back to you.

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