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I saw these for the first time yesterday and thought I'd try one.  I had been wearing pull-on pants for so long - I didn't have any belts for some some of the pants I bought recently.


I ordered one from Amazon (inexpensive) to try it out.


It's elastic and the two pieces in the front wrap over the belt loops and snap. Appears to be more comfortable than a metal buckle stuck in your middle.


Multitrust Women Buckle-Free Elastic Belts Invisible Belt For Jeans No Bulge, Adult Unisex, Size: One Size, Beige

Saw an ad for this recently. Debating ordering, but haven’t yet. I still own and wear traditional buckle belts, but this looks interesting for when I want to layer over my belt. The buckle sticking out always ruins that look IMO. 

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@@Re: Buckleless Belts

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And - a side benefit I discovered this morning ... no dealing with a belt buckle when nature calls!

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I like the Invisibelt brand, the clear plastic one which doesn't stretch and that's why I love it. What good is a belt if it stretches?? Kind of defeats the purpose of a belt.

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Try mine!  As flat as is possible!Smiley Happy