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The fruit cocktail



The pastel cape look



Lavendar fur



Spaceship blanket



The headache hat



The feminists



The puffer



The bow



The pajama party



The foliage



Something blue



Shoes dyed to match



The hoodie



The icing on the cake



The funeral



Off to Neverland



Prairie bonnets



Flower power




Ho Ho Ho



Please don't anyone get offended.  Just meant to be fun !  Smiley Happy

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Re: Bridesmaids of Yesteryear

Oh dear ! 😮

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Re: Bridesmaids of Yesteryear

My people.LOL LOL LOL

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Re: Bridesmaids of Yesteryear

So glad I wasn't asked to be in any of these weddings!

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my bridesmaid dresses in 1985 was rainbow, the exact dress in

16 Candles   We even had the flower halo


Kicker is,  I didn't know until at least a decade later when I finally saw the movie

Image result for sixteen candles photos

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Re: Bridesmaids of Yesteryear

Yeaahhhh....I used to have some of those delightful creations in my closet. All of which I was assured that I could wear again. Hah! Of course, we thought that they were wonderful at the time. 

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Re: Bridesmaids of Yesteryear

@roxxy1, I'm dying!  How could those brides do that to friends and family?  Great photos.  Every time I see The Neverland one I start laughing again. 

I needed the laugh. My team is struggling right now.

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Re: Bridesmaids of Yesteryear

[ Edited ]

 Thanks, am laughing my socks off ! I  can probably  guess which yr these  styles were worn.  I was a bridesmaid in 1976 & had to wear  a  pastel  long yellow dress with some shaw  and a floppy hat . The other bridesmaids wore other pastel colors green, pink  and lavender.


 Some of thes other photos look so 1980's  and some 1990's.

However the one that  I've never seen before is the " Icing on the Cake ".



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Re: Bridesmaids of Yesteryear

@FrostyBabe1  So very funny/true that we thought we could wear them again.

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Re: Bridesmaids of Yesteryear

So glad I was not in these weddings, but then again the do show I time many of use lived through 

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