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@mspatmac wrote:

@Shanus   I agree, no white for me either but many do.  Playtex has a pretty champagne color I like.  I like bright colors in the winter under sweatshirts but neutral in summer.  



@mspatmac   I love bright colored bras and matching panties all year, but under white, you really need nude. Champagne works, too. 

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I had a set of day of the week underpants as a child. I had to beg for them because they were nylon, not the cotton Mom thought was healthier.  

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I find pink is often closest to my skin tone.
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I like toasted almond color, it's like a med-tan. Most nude tone undergarments are way to light for my coloring and black or brown is too dark. 

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When it comes to bras I generally wear black or nude but when it comes to drawers? I like them to be colorful! One thing I've noticed is hardly anybody makes a green pair of underwear?! What is up with that? 
I recently found some green Natoris but that's it

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I wish Breezies would make bikini underwear.  You would think having 20 and 30 year old daughters of the owner selling their stuff on TV that they would want to wear bikini and not "granny" panties (I am in in my 40's and I still wear bikni underwear).