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Re: Breezies or Rhonda Shear?

This morning I ordered a 4-pack of Rhonda's regular Genie-type bras that has a fuschia colored one because I am in need of a bra this color.


They're not selling todays tsv here in my size plus I've tried a Breezies bra once and returned it because it had a wide 3 hook closure that I could not stand.  And I see today's actually has a 4 hook closure.  WOW


So I'm giving Rhonda a try.  I am SO DISAPPOINTED that the Q has chosen to discontinue yet another great product IMO called Genie Bras.  I've tried MANY times to order direct online from them but their website never works for me.  I have not idea what the problem is but that too bums me out.  I'd order there otherwise. 

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Re: Breezies or Rhonda Shear?

Rhonda's bras don't support and it isn't the style either because I also purchased the Comfortisse (same sh... different package) and got much more support from a 'leisure' style bra (godsend after my bypass surgery). I haven't tried Genie.

The panties are kind of awful...I really hate elastic in my leg openings! I bought her previous version, with the lace, and they rolled up, twisted, cut off husband calls them 'granny panties'

Breezie seems a decent bra but I didn't like the padding...and it's hard to size a bra from tv...

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Re: Breezies or Rhonda Shear?

@Krimpette wrote:

For what it's worth, I believe the Rhonda Shear TS for today is for briefs, not bras.  

HSN was showing the companion bras with the TS.

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Re: Breezies or Rhonda Shear?

I like the Rhonda Shear pin up pieces for something different. The bras give me plenty of support (38D) but they can't be worn under a lot of things because of the lace. I wear smooth, lightly padded underwire bras when I need for nothing to show.  I like the panty with the longer leg under dresses. They don't cut me off in the leg at all. They do offer support in the tummy area.


I wish the briefs she is offering today didn't come up so high in the waist. I have too many things that sit below the belly button so I still buy boy shorts elsewhere. I wish these were just below the belly button ☹️


I've never tried breezies. I liked Rhonda's matching sets. They are really cute and retro. Guess that's why she calls it pin up. These are not the thin bras she sells with no support. 


They do hold up very well. Machine wash on delicate and hang dry. Her molded cup (built in bra) cami in cotton is wonderful!  I also have purchased some of her sleepwear. I like it. 

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Re: Breezies or Rhonda Shear?

@Lipstickdiva wrote:

RS bras versus the breezies, they are totally different styles of bras.


My opinion is I'd not buy either.  Breezies do not work for me at all.  I've tried twice and sent them back both times.  I'm not trying again.  They are just ill-fitting.  My normal size I buy everywhere is too big in the cups but going down didn't fit properly either.


Rhonda's bras are very, very casual.  I own a few of them and IMO they are around the house wear.  They smash me down somewhat and just don't give me a nice, uplifted shape.  They also give somewhat of a uniboob look. 

I did not like Breezies, they were too hot and Rhonda Shears do flatten and no matter what size I got they did not fit right.

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Re: Breezies or Rhonda Shear?

I have wanted to try breezies.Due to the price I have always shyed away.I do have some Rhonda shear bras.they hold up pretty well.They do have a three pack for 39.99 on today.Plus I do have spendable cash from ordering from HSN.So my Rhonda shear Bras.Were free.

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Re: Breezies or Rhonda Shear?

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I haven't tried Breezies, but I have tried Rhonda Shear panties and bras. Some of her bra styles are comfortable, others are not at all. I can't wear any of them out of the house, though. I need more support than her bras provide.


I've tried two styles of her panties, and I hated both of them. I should have looked at the pictures more closely - specifically front and BACK.  I personally could not stand having a seam running all the way up the backside. Some might not mind that feeling, but that is definitely not for me!

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Re: Breezies or Rhonda Shear?

I don't like to buy anything from HSN other than AL vitamins. I've been wearing Breezies for years and although not all the bars were winners they by far were better than anything I bought in a department store.

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Re: Breezies or Rhonda Shear?

@circles wrote:

I have had no luck with Breezies...I am going to give the Rhonda Shears bras a try....

Be warned that if you're top heavy there will be no support in her ahhh bras.  One time I bought a regular bra from her (push up) and it did the job.  Haven't seen them in recent years.  

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Re: Breezies or Rhonda Shear Strapless Underwire Bandeau Bra with Removable Pads

Is Rhonda Shear at HSN collaborating with Breezies at QVC in selling the very same strapless bandeau bra but at different prices?  I have purchased several Rhonda Shear 2-pack strapless bandeau bras at their discounted price from HSN (652-682) for under $30. They are now $43 for a 2-pack. Last night, I saw the very same strapless bandeau bra presented by Breezies at QVC under their label in a 2-pack for $28.20 (A378605).


Did Rhonda Shear sell the rights to this bra design to Breezies at QVC while selling the same bras under her name at HSN?