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Two styles- with ultimair air- A22765 & A22767
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Just saw that they were on air and placed my order for 2 packages.  I love these and do not want to be without them! 

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You know who makes some really nice undies?

Champion.  I was a Hanes/FOL gal, mostly boy shorts but Target now carries the Champion line and after my first 3 pack (or 4) I've gone back for more!

Super comfy, no panty lines, no seams, and they have a few different styles and fabrications.

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Re: Breezies Cotton Briefs

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I tried the briefs when they were first offered years ago ... but the UltimAir fabric was an irritant. 


Same with the bras.  My skin does not like that fabric.

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These are back and I believe re-designed or whatever improvements they said about them:  Breezies set of six cotton panties  A22951.   Brief or High-cut

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