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Re: Breasts not "boobs" or even worse, "girls"

@lulu1 wrote:

Boobs, ta-tas or whatever, really doesn't bother me.  What really bothers me is when a stranger calls me sweetie, honey, or sugar in real life or here.

Thank goodness I don't have this problem.  How to speak "anatomically correct". As long as they know what's proper what they say beyond that doesn't matter. 


My daughter is mother to my twenty something grandson.  My son and his wife will do the raising.  All of us are of a different generation.  I do impart some things I think are important but it doesn't mean they will abide.  They don't have to.  


I wouldn't want to be one of those mothers who prods and badgers only to lose my child's affection for me.  We have to let them come into themselves.  Generation by generation.  Periodttttt.  

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Re: Breasts not "boobs" or even worse, "girls"

Always used the word breast.  I read where you weren't allowed for the word pregnant to used on TV at one time.   I always used correct anatomical wording.  Never used the term girls.