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I have not seen anything new and different so far...well for one, I am saving money and I have so many clothes I have not worn yet (thank you pandemic) so I really do not need to buy anything new!!

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Me too!    Even though I am not a big fan of CIJ, nothing wowed me with that either.  Usually a couple of fall pieces really stand out but it looks to me like old styles of things are coming back.   No fresh takes on old styles.  

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I wasn't able to spend much time watching the Fashion Days - but what I did see didn't interest me. 


The shoes I saw looked just like the ones I bought last year from JCP, Amazon and other places.  Don't need any new shoes or boots - I'm well stocked!


From QVC, I did pick up some new winter weight pants on lunchtime and primetime specials over the past couple of months - new colors to add to my collection, and some "dressy" denims.  


I bought quite a bit of stuff online from other sources - got some really good buys and stocked up on some of my basics.


And - I'm making a bunch of knitwear items.  Got a big yarn order this week.

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Clothing was obviously left over stock from last year.  I am saving money .


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I didn’t watch much either. I did look online & didn’t see much I loved. I debated the SG TSV blazer & a plaid shirt, but I didn’t end up buying either. 

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I ordered a few things that were on sale; mostly basics to replace some worn out items.  I did splurge on a Kim Gravel "cardigan," which is dressy.  I'll see how everything looks on me!  lol


There were other things I liked, but with COVID, nowhere to wear them.



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It's not just boring QVC fashion, most of the retailer's are boring now. Very little that is new, or exciting. A lot of stuff has been on the site since the beginning of virus, little new added. Sales, not too exciting eitherSmiley Sad  Guess it shouldn't be a surprise, but still...........Smiley Sad(( Ho-hum, ho-hum.

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You can say that again,boring.Nothing new,same stuff from previous months.I really don't need any thing,still have a few items purchased in Jan.have not even worn yet.Besides all that,the prices have gone sky high.