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Re: Boho Chic, the Sequel...

I L O V E those blue paisley bell bottoms!!!!

Hey you, get off of my cloud...
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Re: Boho Chic, the Sequel...

@San Antonio Gal wrote:

@MacDUFF  - I would so wear #2 and # 4.  I think I could pull it off.


Do you by chance know where she got that cool  peace necklance in picture #3?  I really like it.  I bet @lolakimono would give her stamp of approval on that necklace too.  Smiley Happy

@San Antonio Gal 

I just came across this, so I thought I would pass it along-

$17.89 at with $.01 shipping.

Item ID-91436294

It's a "buy it now" item, not an auction, so if you like it it's yours!