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Even though I do not have many of his designs I enjoy him too. He represents a time when being a class act and a true gentleman with decorum was admired and celebrated. He dresses with taste and has a lovely personality. I sometimes wonder if he has difficulty aligning himself or even relating to some of the new fangled admiration for loudness,  obnoxious behaviors, complete with bad words, over-talking and anything goes styling? He is probably considered a dinosaur in the field ...and some may even call him a Has-Been....BUT he is and a true representation that manners,  and class  are still in style despite living in a world of fleeting trends.

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@LilacTree wrote:

While I like him very much as a person, I have never liked his ready-to-wear fashions.  His "costumes" (i.e., Cher) are fantastic though.

Same here.

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